Belkastrelka is a memecoin which is thoroughly online. The information provided in the statement of offering is furthermore broadly inclusive than the information we provide at the moment, however, it may differ remarkably. It is strongly advised to scrutinize and look through the paperwork before investing. Solitary, the offer statement is utilized to make the offering. The presented whitepaper is not an offer to buy/ sell these securities nor it is a sale of these particular securities in jurisdiction or any state. Such an offer would be considered as illegal for solicitation or sale prior the registration or qualification under the securities law of any such state or jurisdiction. However, an expression of any kind of interest does not imply any form of commitment or duty. The one who is interested in participating in the Belkastrelka offering should go through the publicly released offering statement and all the disclosures. The publicly released offering statement is inclusive of the final offering circular. Belkastrelka is not registered, licensed or supervised as a broker, dealer or investment advisor by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The following whitepaper does not constitute an offering memorandum, a prospectus, and/or any other offering documents related to the Issuer. It has not been approved or reviewed by securities commission in any jurisdiction or any financial advisor/regulator. Several risks are involved in Token investment as there can be no assurance to receive a payback of the capital invested or positive returns on the purchase of tokens, however there are terms and conditions applied with regards to the interest gained on the invested amount. It is highly regarded to mindfully consider the Risk factors mentioned in the paper, which may be utilized as a guide as the paper does not provide with the exhaustive list due to uncertainty. The terms like Issuer, we, our, ours, us or similar terms would refer to the Issuer. A purchaser of the Tokens should consider the information herein and further research about it personally.

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