Have you heard about a stray dog who made up to space? We have been inspired for Belkastrelka from the two dogs Belka and Strelka who went to space and returned alive. Hats off to their bravery! Now, its your time to fulfil the dream of going to space. The moment of wait gets over with the launch of Belkastrelka. As a child we always dream or at at least have thought once about going to space. Belka and Strelka are the two dogs who helped mankind to reach to space by themselves going there. It is amongst the first projects which includes space, dogs and the Soviet Union. It is listed on BEP20 token standard of Binance Smart Chain. This token would be bought or sold with or for any token listed on Binance’s smart chain platform. And it will undoubtedly impress the memcoin community due to its faster and transparent transactions. This is the time to spread Belkastrelka to cryptonians everywhere.

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